I am Student

As young as I was, I would find all the reasons not to go to school. My grades were okay, but I felt like school was a chore. Now, if your a parent reading this, let me tell you that there is hope for your child to love school even if it seems like he/she doesn’t. Miracles do happen!

I recently got myself enrolled to a 3-month course. The objective was for me to be upgraded in my function at work; the result was more than just that.

I learned that life is a university. And whether we like it or not, we are all students. The difference however lies in the courses we take.

In the university of life, there are only two courses: The course of good and the course of evil. In this university, our Dean is God on high. In His genius love, He allows us to play a part by giving us “a choice”.

Both courses will surely teach you well. But only one will produce good fruit…fruit that lasts (John 15:16).

I now realize, I love school. I love being in this university of life. I love learning from this course of good. I love the lasting fruit of this learning. And I love the Dean – JESUS, who continues to lead me into making the right choices every single day.



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