My Starbucks Revelation

It’s been a caffeine filled two days as Marielle as we took advantage of the Starbucks coffee coupons in our 2012 planners. Buy one take one! Who can resist? So we’ve been enjoying the whole Starbucks experience for two straight days… Ambience, the smell of coffee, the comfy chairs, the classical music in the background. But no matter how good the  promo or how beautiful the place, if the coffee sucks, we won’t be paying good money for that. Being coffee drinkers, in the end it’s all about the coffee.

I realized that as Christians, we pursue godliness. We act godly, we listen to godly music, watch godly flicks, type a God bless you at the end of every text, and so on and so forth. There really is nothing wrong with that. But is it all about being godly? Or is it all about God?
As I looked at the walls of Starbucks, it showed a collage of pictures of people, and machines. But what was overwhelmingly floating all around those walls were the pictures of the coffee beans. They knew that their coffee was the star.
Pushing godliness over God shows that you want it to be all about you. 
Pursue God. It’s all about Him. 
When you do that, godliness kicks in automatically. Then people around you will pursue your God, not you. 

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