IGNITE 2013 – My Notes From Day One

Electrifying…Energizing…Engaging…Excellent! Those are my 4E’s to describe my IGNITE 2013 experience.

There’s so much more to say about day one, but to get to the meat of it- here are my notes on the Word shared by Pastor Olajide Pariola from South Africa.

Our lives have to look like we are n agreement with a Holy God
Distorted version of grace- “I can do this God understands”.
God does not understand. The bar is raised and He calls us up to glory with Him.
Are our minds, mouths, way we treat people in agreement with our God?

Concentrate– F.O.C.U.S. Fixed on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice
Joshua 24:15.
Don’t allow the cultures and patterns to defile you because you are not like them.
Be holy. Don’t do holiness because holiness is who you are.
You cannot defile anything that has been defined.
Go back to your original state. Your life is holy. We are a holy people
Holiness is not about living a moral standard, it is living in Christ and ultimately having our union in Him.

You cannot encounter God and remain the same.

Col 1:27 – Christ in you
Heb 12:29 – the fire starts in Him and will end in Him



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