Denying Denial

As people living in a world that is challenged by temptations, sickness, pain and all things dark, we do either two of these… Face it or Deny it.

Sad to say the common thing we do is the later. If you don’t believe me, then you’re already in denial.

Denial hurts you more. It’s like an unattended wound. It eventually becomes an infection that could lead to amputation or even worse – death.

I remember a character in the Bible named David. This man knew God, he was filled with the power of God proving it to nations by defeating a giant in Goliath as a young Shepard boy. Many years after this, at one point he comes home and sees his town burned to the ground and his family missing. The bible tells us that he cried until he lost all his strength. ( Read 1 Samuel 30:1-4 )

If someone with such faith and who has experienced so much faith breakthroughs and miracles can cry like that, then why can’t we?

Dear friends, it’s okay to cry. Dear friends, it’s okay to be in pain. In fact when you acknowledge you’re hurt, you move in greater faith. Why? Because pain is a declaration of a truth embedded in your being that understands this… That where you are originally designed to be, there is no pain.
And that place is called heaven. And when we get there, God will wipe the last tear shed on our way home into His loving arms.

So while we are temporarily here in this world where pain is present, release yourself from the pressure to work on being strong. Because real strength comes when we break into a humble tear and come before a God who has “out of this world” power and yet lives in you. Then that supernatural strength in the form of grace overtakes our very weakness and carries us through it all. This gives evidence to the truth of Gods word that says …
when I am weak, then I am strong 2 Corinthians 12:10.



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