W.W.J.D? vs W.J.D!

I’ve got a friend and colleague who’s plate number starts with WJD . Every time I see his car I keep telling myself, in my mind that it would’ve been more “Christian” if another W could be thrown in to make it similar to the popular abbreviation WWJD ( What Would Jesus Do? ).

But I realized one day as I drove through the parking basement of our building ( yes,he always beats me to the best parking spaces ) his WJD made so much more sense after all .

The question W.W.J.D. ( What Would Jesus Do? ) motivates you to imitate our Lord when we are faced with certain decisions in our lives. Though I believe that question has been a blessing to many Christians world wide, and not to mention famous, ( transformers the movie used it ) I think to introspect on this wont be as effective or won’t make sense, if you don’t fully understand the statement W.J.D.! ( What Jesus Did! )

Do you have any idea? Do you really understand the cost? Do you know why Jesus had to die for us on that cross? And if you already know the answers to that, do you know how significant it is to save us from all our struggles? And if you know that too, can you honestly say that you believe it?

What makes you more Christlike is your response to the truth of what He did for you. We don’t do good and expect that He responds to us, rather we respond to the goodness that he has already expressed to us on the cross.

W.W.J.D.? ( What Would Jesus Do? ) is a question only for those who know Jesus by having a true relationship with Him. To the degree of how well you know a person will be the degree of accuracy in discerning what that person would do. And that relationship starts by having a revelation of faith in the finished work of W.J.D.! ( What Jesus did? ) – Read Romans 6:23

Now that you know the gravity of what Jesus did, …W.W.Y.D.? ( What would you do? )




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