Ministry Is God’s Work

I’m not trying to sound like some expert on ministry. I’m 35 years old with only three years of being in full time minstry. In fact the reason why I blog about this simple truth is because I tend to forget this from time to time. If you’re a young pastor, campus minister, worship leader, small group leader, or church planter, know that you’re not alone.

I’m a hyper guy who loves his job. While these things may sound like an asset, these qualities (without proper guidance by the word of God and a supportive wife) can be a formula for failure in ministry.

The idea of having the capacity to spread something so powerful like the gospel can be so consuming. I mean yah if you get consumed by the spirit of The Lord, by his presence, that’s great! In fact that’s the idea. God gets us involved in ministry because He wants us to get to know Him more. I remember when I reached the age of 13, my Dad showed me exactly what he did for a living. He took me to the office and gave me the same kind of orientation a new hire would get. He even took me to a dinner meeting with a top executive of a multinational company. When I saw that side of him, a higher quality of appreciation and honor came. In a similar way, ministry is there for you to know God’s power and love even more — to know HIM more. But being consumed by the ministry is allowing the enemy to pervert the very thing that God meant for you to enjoy — the very thing that should bring God glory into something so so stressful.

Ministry is God’s work. Im learning to sift the things I should work on and the things that I should leave to God. Im learning to do my best with my assigned task, and let God fight the battles. One of our Pastors said “Do the hard work and let God do the heart work”.

I’m glad to be reminded of four things and it’s these four things that will sustain me as I do ministry. I do hope it does the same for you.

1. On my own accord, I don’t deserve His love.
2. On my own, I don’t qualify to do anything for Him.
3. He loves me anyway.
4. He allows His power to work in and through me to love others and to tell them about the gospel.



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