A Call to Answer

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has been making waves in the Philippines. In fact, based on a survey done by Tholons, a US-based strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investment, the Philippines is now 3rd in ranking when it comes to global outsourcing destinations. The nation has benefited from this industry because it’s been raking in so much revenue and has given close to a million Filipinos jobs enough to sustain a family, save for the future, and even live comfortable lives.

The consumer industry has adjusted to this thriving industry by opening up their services 24/7. The government has extended their services by providing more benefits for the night shifter, and why not?! There’s so much people to serve! And now I’m more than glad to let you know that our Church, Victory, has answered the call to serve these people by providing a venue for them to hear “good news” and be heard.

If you’re working the night shift, I’m calling out to you to join us for our group discussions on pressing life issues every Wednesday, 8am at Chef and Brewer (F.Ortigas Jr,corner Sapphire st. Ortigas center Pasig). I know that you’ve been listening and providing solutions faithfully for your customers all night. Now, allow us to hear you out. Our hope is that the Word of God will give you clear direction, guidance and revelation that will make you thrive in your workplace… in all of life!

If you’re from Victory or even from another Christian church, join us! I challenge you to take this call. This would be a great venue for you to meet new people and testify that a relationship with God is the blessing and is the solution.

Whether this is new to you or something completely familiar, ANSWER THE CALL.






2 thoughts on “A Call to Answer

  1. Hi,

    Tuloy po ba yung 8am wednesday meeting at Chef&brewer? I asked because i’m interested to join.


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