For our last preaching series for 2014 (Thursday morning service),
we did a preaching series entitled R.S.V.P.

Week One was an invitation to believe. We learned from the story of angel Gabriel’s visit to Marry. Nowadays, many challenge the faith. They seem to be in hot pursuit to disprove the existence of our Lord in the season of celebrating His birth. But the truth of Jesus still trumps all year round.

We also talked about the challenge for the Christian to believe in spite of the unfavorable circumstances in their lives. The goal of this message was to give each listener an invitation to bring their faith in God to a new and personal level.

Week two was an invitation to worship. We learned from the story of the Magi/Wise men. We exposed the fact that if man cannot worship God, he will in effect worship created things.

So the message was crafted in such a way that will direct our worship to the Only One who deserves it all. The goal of this preaching was to show the Real Meaning and purpose of Christmas.

Below are the links to both preachings. May the true message that Christmas brings resound in your lives all throughout the year.

Oh! And Happy new year too🎉 🙂

Invitation to Believe

Invitation to Worship



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