Will you…

It’s the love month once again! For those who have dates, I’m sure all kinds of plans are being made thus bringing so much excitement. But for the dateless, the single, maybe your hoping that this all will just pass quickly.

The love month is for everyone.

For those who are in a relationship it’s a time to grow in your romance for each other in a God honoring way.

For the single, it would be a good time to envision. Because I believe that one day it will come. However, this season of being a single can be truly enjoyed this love month with friends and family in the same meaningful way a couple would.

In our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) service #VictoryOrtigasBPO, our love series is called Will you… Here are the topics.

Week 1- …be my friend?, Week 2 … be my valentine?, Week 3 … marry me.?

Our goal is to give a biblical perspective about the seasons in a person’s love life in order to enjoy healthy and God-honoring relationships at every stage.

We hope to see you at the Lower Penthouse of the AIC gold tower, F. Ortigas Jr, Ortigas Center in Pasig. We start 9am and group talks will follow right after.

Let us learn to enjoy and maximize each season together.
Happy love month everyone!



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