Overwhelmed? Focus! 

We’re nearing the end of the year and in the world of work, one word best describes the overall environment in the city — busy! And need I mention the obvious preoccupation: shopping for gifts? 

If you’re experiencing difficulty and distress caused by deadlines and deliverables, know that you have entered into the season of the year-end. The result could lead us to be overwhelmed, leaving us paralyzed and unproductive. But here’s a way to overcome: FOCUS. Easier said than done yet it’s got to be done. 

How does one stay focused? 

DECIDE WHAT TO DO. It is said that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Some say that the best time to plan your day is the night before, some recommend you do it first thing in the morning. I say, it doesn’t matter. Just plan. Going through this may feel boring, but everyone reaps the rewards of being decisive in advance.  

DISTRACTION EXPECTATION. The problem with us is that we get caught off guard when distraction comes. Nowadays, distraction must be anticipated. Know that it will come so you can have a resolve to be committed and focused with what you’ve decided to zero in on.

DEAL WITH THE UNEXPECTED. Not everything is predictable because a million possibilities await you in a day. A good practice I learned is to make room for “free time.” You do need to roll with the punches and be flexible. Another tip is to schedule appointments or tasks for another day if possible. 

DELEGATE. When the unexpected becomes urgent, it doesn’t always mean that you need to do it all. Have a pool of competent colleagues in mind whom you can tap. Delegation not only helps you, it gives an opportunity for others to grow. The key is to position them for success by delegating tasks to the right people. 

DO THE TO DO’s. It’s one thing to plan; it’s another thing to execute. Focus on finishing up your tasks. If you design your day right, this is highly achievable. 

Focus gives you the stability this season, and every other season of your life demands. It helps you overcome the paralyzing state of being overwhelmed. So be calm, pray, and ask God for grace and wisdom and just focus.


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