It’s time to plan your holiday vacation. 

This is the season to be jolly and to be busy. For some, work load has lessened, but all of a sudden, most people have added either party animal or party planner to their resume. Since the over all load of activities has increased, you need to intentionally rest during this vacation season. 

Here are some tips for those staying in or traveling (locally and abroad).  


The awesome thing about staycationing is the fact that the usually congested Manila has less traffic. Last time we did a staycation, it was so easy to go mall hopping. Travel time from Century City mall in Makati to the busy Megamall took only 25 minutes! While driving the unusually clear roads, I found myself so relaxed and started praying for a time when Manila’s streets would have better and more efficient traffic flow. Another way to enjoy a staycation is, if you’ve got the cash, to check in a hotel and enjoy its amenities.

Travel locally 

Do you realize how beautiful our nation is? Foreigners flock to our beaches and spend so much to be here. That in itself is your clue about how our country is truly beautiful. Now the usual suspects, such as Boracay and Palawan, will always be top of mind, but if you’re on a budget, you might want to checkout nearby destinations such as La Union. We now have the TPLEX (tarlac, pangasinan, launion express way), which cuts travel time to La Union to 3-4 hours. 

A good combo would be to check in on one of those beaches in La Union and take a trip to Baguio which is only 30-45 minutes away by car. La Union boasts of good waves to surf on and tranquil beaches at Agoo, Caba, Bauang, and San Juan. Click here for a good list of resorts to try.

Travel Abroad 

Go abroad and learn and appreciate other cultures. When my wife and I go out on a trip, we look forward to the food the most. I heard from a friend that Taipei’s tourism has gone to the next level.

 And what’s great is, it’s much cheaper than a trip to Hong Kong, but you get almost the same experience.

Last and most definitely not least, whether you’re doing a staycation or traveling, don’t forget your Bible. Be excited for those quiet moments of being intimate with God in a relaxed setting. 

Everyone needs a break. Let’s face it, activities and parties, can burn you out. If you go straight back to the office after all this, you start your year exhausted already. Remember, rest is just as important as your work. Go plan out your vacation and be sure to include relaxation and seeking God in the itinerary. 


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